3 Cups of Coffee for Free! (plus shipping)
3 Cups of Coffee for Free! (plus shipping)

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3 Cups of Coffee for Free! (plus shipping)

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Just cover the cost of shipping and packaging and we'll send you 50 grams of coffee - enough for 3 large espressos! This is not a gimmick, we lose money when we sell these, but it is our hope that once you try our coffee you will love it as much as we do and will be back for more (or if not, I would really appreciate your honest feedback).

Choose which of our 3 delicious blends (or add all three!), and select your desired grind, then checkout as usual.

All samples are ground to order and packed fresh by hand from our Coffee House in Peterborough, UK.

  • Shipping costs £1.99 for 1, £2.98 for 2 and £3.97 for 3.
  • Shipping may vary.
  • Maximum 3 sample packs per order (total 9 cups of coffee).

(please note, I had to slightly increase price to cover packaging costs)


BE.AR Signature House Blend

Rich punchy aromas of honey treacle with a dark chocolate after taste that is crisp, clear and on point every time. Made from multi-origin blends of Organic and Fairtrade beans, micro roasted by hand in our vintage roastery.

Best served as:

  1. Espresso on its own, with steamed milk
  2. Strong filter with a great aroma

Crema = Intensely golden espresso, very thick and smooth

Strength = Crisp 8 out of 10


Sumatran Organic Coffee

A first grade Mandhling, a super intense coffee that is refreshingly earthy in flavour with a rich after taste making it perfect for a cafetière. Ours is profiled to keep it light and bright, to bring out the natural citrus notes that linger.

This bean is Organic & Fairtrade.

Best served as:

  1. Cafetière / French Press
  2. Light filter

Strength = mellow 6.5 out of 10


Honduran Decaf

The “I’ll show flavour in place of caffeine” BOSS of the decaf coffee world, micro roasted to a dark profile for maximum flavour.

This exceptional single-origin Swiss water decaf grows at over 2,000 meters above sea level and is not only Fair Trade, but is also Organic, so a win win for all involved in producing and enjoying this really great coffee lovers’ get-out-of-jail-free-for-having-my-5th-cup-of-coffee-today coffee. Or how about coffee lovers’ I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Coffee coffee!?

Cheesy catch phrases aside, expect aromas of toffee and dark roasted chestnuts, smooth, very balanced all round with a neutral acidity.

Best served as:

  1. Espresso on its own or very balanced with steamed milk
  2. Well rounded filter / French Press / Cafetière

Crema = Dark crema nice and thick

Strength = Decaf with a massive flavour


📷 by Chevanon

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Most Satisfied Man

Thank you. Coffee was excellent, nice taste, with no bitter after-taste which I commonly experience. Looking forward to ordering a full bag of house blend!

Peter Hyson
Just what I needed

The ordering was straightforward, followed up personally and efficiently. Good decaf coffee. Highly recommended

Marie Goodacre
3 Cups of Coffee for Free

What a great idea to try a few samples of different blends, house roast is my favourite and customer service is second to none!
I’ll definitely re- order once these have gone.

Tom Morley
Ordered again!

Really enjoyed it

jenny plumb
Fantastic full bodied decaf

Really satisfying punch of well rounded flavour, a very good decaf coffee. Fast delivery.