Sign our petition to help save our business

Help stop the Peterborough Council from removing our Council approved covered seating.

The Peterborough City Council are trying to force our cafe to remove its outside covered seating area by refusing to renew our license.

This is the same space and structure that was designed and supplied by the council through the ongoing Cafe Culture project, which the council received £800,000 as part of the Growth Deal funding provided by the government to help stimulate economic growth and create new jobs.

The Bean Around family did everything that was asked of them by the council and indeed built their business around this joint venture with the council and now the council want it removed.

The Bean Around has submitted many alternatives in keeping with the current space that are far more attractive, but need to keep the main objectives of the space intact - weatherproof for that area - secure for the customers and staff - attractive and inviting. None have been engaged with or discussed.

We are effectively being stonewalled.


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“This space contributes to a large portion of our trade and is enjoyed by all, it has also given us the opportunity to create an additional 2 jobs that would now be lost if we have to remove it. This would also affect service and turnover all during a time when costs are spiralling upwards. I don’t know if we’d survive this additional blow to our business”

This seating area is part of the CAFE CULTURE project that is still ongoing, that we trail-blazed on behalf of the council in order to elevate the city centre, now for some unknown reason the council just want it removed. We have also tried to meet directly with those in the council that now oppose this seating area so we can better understand why and come to a solution however no meeting has been agreed to. This decision, if successful by the council, would set a precedent for the future of our city and the Cafe Culture and completely go against everything the vast amount of independent businesses are hoping to see & achieve for the city, and that is a vibrant, exciting and safe place to visit for the whole family to enjoy.

We have no further option but to appeal to our customers and our community to help us save or improve our outside seating space, as well as the future of our little independent business.

As always, thank you all so much for supporting our small business, you guys are awesome.

Hope to see you in the cafe again soon!

Gareth & Family