What is Micro Batch Coffee?

Imagine waking up to the freshest, richest, and most flavourful coffee beans you have ever had the luck of brewing up.

Prefer dark roasts? Then imagine only the most illustrious, oil-coated ebony delights. What about light roasts? Then harder, more sturdy beans packed to the brim with their natural flavours await.

Now for your chosen grinding technique. Perhaps you prefer the manual labour of hand grinding, and getting to enjoy the fruits of your labour in the form of the freshest cup of coffee money can buy.?

Or perhaps it is the control and finesse of an electric grinder, ensuring you get the best extraction from the bean.

Whatever your fancy, nothing beats a freshly roasted, freshly ground, and freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning! Waking up to that wondrous cloud of aroma is the only way to start the day.

But did you know that there's a secret to how we achieve that punchy aroma of honey treacle in our fabulous House Blend, or the complex-yet-subtle citrus notes found in our Sumatran Organic beans?

That secret is in the micro batch!


Micro batching, or small-batch coffee roasting, has huge payoffs in terms of aroma, quality, and taste. Imagine millions and millions of raw, hard, green coffee beans. Imagine as they whirl and spin in massive waves in a coffee roaster's roasting cylinder. 

Now even the most experienced and masterful of roastmasters cannot watch and perfect every single bean when there are just so many! And unfortunately with many a batch of coffee beans, some of them come out over or under roasted and ultimately lead to a less-than-perfect batch of coffee beans, and it pot-luck whether yours turn out bitter, or lacking in flavour or crema.. 


By keeping coffee roast batches smaller, a roaster can keep a close and expert eye on each and every little bean, ensuring that the profile for that particular batch is dialled in to perfection.

This heightened level of control means a more artisanal and truly precise level of quality in every batch. 

Micro Batch Coffee is Best for Subscriptions

Coffee subscription businesses often buy in bulk, and store the coffee for weeks, sometimes months on end. At BE.AR., the beans we use for coffee subscriptions are shipped direct from the roastery and average only 3 days old. It's the same coffee that's in the silos in our cafe. The result is that you receive the freshest coffee beans on the market, from a coffee-obsessed family owned business that LOVES all things coffee.

But what are some of the other keen benefits of choosing a micro-batch subscription over other roasting methods?

  • While other beans may sit on store or café shelves for months at a time, going stale and losing their zest, your beans will be received within 3-4 days, the most optimal time to enjoy beans after they have been roasted

  • You can be certain that your coffee is truly artisanal, with the coffee roaster maintaining a high level of control over all the beans in the batch. 

  • And maybe the most important benefit from choosing a micro-batch subscription; better flavour! Your beans will attain an aroma, texture, and flavour that is out of this world. 

Looking for only the best when it comes to your coffee? Then why not start your micro batch subscription journey with one of our amazing beans from the BE. AR. Coffee House? 

Try our Sumatran Organic Coffee. This first grade Mandhling expertly pairs an enlivening intensity with a refreshing earthiness. Citrus notes that stay awhile help to make this selection perfect for an early morning pick-me-up or a superb after lunch aperitif. 

Or why not opt for our House Blend? That honey-treacle aroma is harmoniously paired with a crisp dark chocolate flavor that is certain to be a winner in every brewing. Micro batch roasted coffee has never been better value.

Life's too short to drink bad coffee!

When you opt for Bean Around’s micro-batch subscription coffee you are in good hands and you'll never need to stress about sub-par beans again. So, are you ready to take your morning brew to the next level? Then choose BE. AR’s incredible micro-batch subscription coffee beans today!